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Pull my panties to the side and fucking TAKE ME!


panties pulled to the side

love when you pull my panties to the side and fuck me

Getting fucked with my panties pulled to the side makes me feel a little dirty. and a little vulnerable. and sexy. and taken-off-guard… and… instantly turned on and incredibly, wet-ibly, HORNY!! 😉 lol

i love when you pull my panties to the side and fuck me like you own me. like you want you take me right there in the middle of the parking lot after ‘date night’ 😉

I think that’s a big reason I love starting while my panties are on and just pulled over just enough to expose my glistening clit… anticipating your thrust into me deep. burying your thick rod inside my wet, aching hole. making me take all of you… pushing. and driving your rock hard dick deeper and deeper. my wetness covering you and soaking my panties. my clit grinding into their wetness as you press into me even deeper. balls deep. pressing and rubbing against my swollen clit makes me gasp and moan into your ear that one more thrust-grind like that, and i’d be cumming all over you… FUCK. i love how your cock fills me. and how it feels to have my pussy stretched by your thick throbbing cock…

My pussy is so wet right now just thinking about it… i’m still sitting here at my desk at work, i’m grinding in my chair. trying to spread my pussy lips and feel my wet pussy rub against the fabric of my seat under my skirt (i just took my panties off about 2 minutes ago) 😉 i’m the only one here now – except for the security guy downstairs, but he’s probably asleep… or watching porn. lol 😛

anyway… needless to say, i’m taking a little well-deserved break while my documents print. blow of some steam on tumblr… and maybe post a little something or two here… and MAYBE, if things… escalate 😉 – i’ll take my cell phone into the bathroom for a little late-night-workplace-naughtiness…?

hmm. what do you think? 😉


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  1. Workplace-naughtiness is good! I might have to engage in some library-naughtiness after reading this post ;-D

    • you naughty boy! lol that reminds me of MANY a hot and horny day/night studying in the library when i was in college… i used to finger myself under the table or go into a private study room and masturbate… i got caught a few times 😉

  2. YOU.

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