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ok ;) i just have to share…

So, i went out with a friend of mine last night – we’ve been happy hour buddies for awhile and have always flirted and even made out one drunken night about three years ago, but then he started dating a girl (and so did I 😉 lol

anyway, he’s single again (and so am i) – so we met up for dinner/drinks at this suburban bar/restaurant and sat there and talked and flirted all night. We drank a lot of shots, and flirted even more, and by the time they turned the “ugly lights” on at 2AM, we were both a little drunk and a LOT horny.

sooooo, we grabbed a couple of tacos from the food truck parked outside, and took them around to his truck, parked in the back of this place… had a little late night snack, talked some more –- and eventually started making out again. one thing led to another, and before long, I was grinding against him as he stood at the tailgate that I was sitting on. i wrapped my legs around him, my skirt sliding up around my hips. I could feel his cock getting hard.. making me even wetter. i grinded into him harder. kissed him deeper. pulled him into me, and begged him to fuck me. he moaned into my ear as i unzipped his pants, releasing his hard 8” dick. he rubbed the tip along the outside of my wet panties and i begged him again… I haven’t been with a man in over a year (my last relationship was monogamous), and I’ve been celibate for the month since we broke-up… needless to say, pussy was aching for him.

Finally, I couldn’t take anymore, and I pull my panties to the slide, tightened my legs and pulled him inside me… gasping as be plunged it in all the way. filling my wet hole and covering his dick in my wetness.

It didn’t take long…

He fucked me hard, there on his tailgate. My legs wrapped around his waist as he pounded me fast and hard until I came hard and held his cock buried deep inside my pussy, spasming and cumming on his dick until it sent him over the edge, too. He pulled out to shoot his hot load all over the outside of my pussy and panties…

Once we came out of our orgasmic-stupor, I took my panties off to kinda clean-up 😉 before pulling him inside the truck to make out a little more before taking me home.

Best Saturday night in a loooooong time!! 😉 

MWAH! xxxO

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