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Masturbation Revolution

I just wanted to let you know about a HOT new project that I’ve been working on with a HOT friend of mine, and we’re both VERY excited to share it with all of you sexy ladies (and sexually generous gentlemen)! 😉

Masturbation Revolution is being developed for the sole purpose of exploring and celebrating and redefining the art and science of the female orgasm.

Our goal for the website, as well as my own personal aim— is for Masturbation Revolution to empower and inspire women to take responsibility for their OWN mind-blowing orgasms!

If you can provide *yourself* with the biggest, best Big-Os EVER, then well, 1. that’s just AWESOME! and 2. you’ll better know how to teach your partner what to do, how to adjust/modify OR, at the very least, 3. you’re guaranteed to ALWAYS be sexually satisfied, regardless of who you are (or aren’t) fucking!

I hope that by sharing the physical, mental AND emotional masturbation methodology we’ve discovered and developed over the last several years, through.. um, rigorous research and study. These techniques have proven, time and time again, to produce the most mind-blowing, multiple orgasms –some of which can last 10+ minutes– that you have NEVER before experienced…

But you SHOULD! 

Every woman in the world deserve to have best orgasms in the world –most often than not, anyway –and I want to share my process for achieving orgasms unlike you’ve EVER experienced, with as many amazing, sex-empowered females as possible!

Please spread the word for me to all of the sexcellent females in your life… and I promise you – even you fellas will benefit from these methods… even if for no other reason, than to give you a little added edge in the sack! ifyouknowwhatI’msayin’ 😉

Transguys and girls – these techniques are perfect for you, too! Truly EVERYONE can make a difference in the quality (and quantity) of sexy times with my sexscoveries.. lol 😉

So yes, while we DO focus on female anatomy and terminology– the actual, physical methods can certainly be adapted for any biology— and the mental and emotional portions, translated–depending, of course, on your own, unique sexual stimulation equation.

Okay, okay. I know some of you are thinking – there can be no “method”. There IS no “technique” – you just get down to it, and FUCK! And then you CUM… right?

Meh… sure…?


Surely, you realize that isn’t always the case!

Whether you’re alone in your bathtub or with your partner in a hotel room on your anniversary, there are several other factors involved that can (and DO) affect the *quality* and quantity of your sexperiences – besides the actual, physical sex-acts, themselves.

If you don’t understand that notion – or believe THAT much, then this website is probably not for you…

However, if you– like most of us– realize that there’s much more to getting-off, than moving a hard phallus in and out of a hole, ad nauseam, then you’re already well on your way to kicking things up a notch (or TEN!)

I’m working hard to get this finalized for the launch of Masturbation Revolution in March, but I wanted to go ahead and share the news (mainly because I’m just SO SUPER excited to share my discoveries), and REALLY hope that it can help more women have orgasms the way they SHOULD!

Shaking… trembling… mind-numbing… explosive, long-lasting, wave of orgasm after orgasm.


Yes. Please…

I think I’m going to do a little more… research… right now… 😉

And you know what that means…

New video cumming SOON!!! 😉


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