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I fucking LOVE this gif  😉

If I squint just a little it kind of makes me think I’m watching a a sexy MTF chick fucking a hot FTM guy… and personally, I think the world would be a LOT happier and hornier with the addition of that kind of gender diversity into mainstream porn circulation.

It’s time the general population realizes the limitations of close-minded notions, like only acknowledging two genders or two sexualities, OR the idea that people—all people—aren’t ever-evolving and fluid—both in their gender identities and in their sexual preferences.

Guys-born-with-a-traditional-biological-penises, we know some of you prefer cumming with a finger (or a toy, or a dick) in your ass. Some of you might enjoy a side of ass-play with your blow jobs—and you really don’t give a shit about the gender of the mouth wrapped around your hard, throbbing member.

Others are too paralyzed by the fear of judgement or the assumption that it’s “gay” to enjoy anything of an anal nature, beyond convincing your drunk girlfriend to let you lube it up and stick it in her ass…

Women who were born with traditional, biological vaginas, we know some of you prefer cumming by having your swollen clit sucked like a miniature cock. Nothing gets you off like a wet mouth teasing your hard clit out from its hood or watching the top of a head that’s bobbing up and down, working your tiny pussy-cock to orgasm.

Guys-born-without-a-traditional-biological-penis, we know some of you prefer fucking other guys who WERE born with a traditional, biological penis. But we also know some of you prefer other guys who also happened to be born without, or women born without a vagina, or women born with one, or…

Of course, there are others, still—both male and female, both with-and-without penises, or with-and-without vaginas, who prefer women with vaginas who have a preference for using their own strapped-on cock to do the fucking of all of your holes…

These are just a few preference-possibilities; I could go on and on… and on… and on 😉

If we could all, somehow, learn to let go of our labels and our fears, we could begin to see beyond the antiquated, inaccurate and incomplete assumptions that have shaped our current, limited definitions of sex, sexuality, and gender.

By making new connections and embracing our own, unique preferences, labels, and definitions of sex, gender, and sexuality, we could open ourselves to a whole, new world of sexual pleasures just begging to be (safely) explored.

Mmmm, just IMAGINE all the sexy, amazing possibilities!  How HOT would that life be?!  😉

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  1. Good to see you posting something on here again 😉

    • Thank you! I’ve really missed it, and I’m happy to see I still have some readers! lol 😉 Hopefully things have settled down enough & I’ll have some time to post regularly, again!

  2. I like the way you think; I’m going to vote for you in the election :-p Also, that gif is WAY to hot! I’ve seen one similar and I’d love to give that type of position a try!

  3. lol 😉 well, I’m glad I can count on your vote 😛 Kind of a random blog post, I know – I just want everyone to be open to ALL the many sexcellent possibilities <3

    • LOL Mhm…vote early and cum often I say. And, you’re totally right. I know that I’m open to the possibilities of fun! And, I’m glad these gifs are making you wet…they’re making me sticky 😉

  4. oh, and yeah I think I’ve seen the other gif like this one that you were talking about… mmmm, panties are officially WET 😉

    • Yummy!

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