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Fingered in Target ;)

see how wet i am for you

see how wet i am for you...

Oh, yes. You read that right…

I toootally busted some awesomely-random-nsa-hook-up-moves while doin’ a little tipsy, post-happy-hour shopping! 😉

Sooo, me and a couple of friends decided to do an impromptu happy hour last night for another friend’s birthday, and the margaritas were definitely F-L-O-W-I-N-G …and holy fuck, so was my pussy! 😉 I’ve just been insanely horny all week long (hmm.. although, I suppose I’m kinda insanely horny EVERY week!lol! {shhhh! BUT I was so horny earlier today that I closed my office door and told everyone that I had a conference call with a vendor… Mmmmmmm. Oh, I had a call all right.. A call from my soaked panties, swollen clit and dripping pussy to my fingers, and a BIG thank you to “This Morning Me” for deciding to wear a skirt today! lol}

mmmm… I mean, I just couldn’t help it after sitting there all morning thinking about how fucking random and HOT my dressing room adventure was last night!

Anyway! Sorry 😉 I’m digressing from my story… my incredibly sexy. Slutty… Awesome. Story. 😀


Okay! So, blah, blah, blah… Friends. Fun. Tequila. Running off to bathroom to flip through more naughtiness on my dash. Tequila. Bartender-flirting. BFF-birthday-flirting. Tequila. Dirty sexts to a regular FWB bud (alas, he was busy). Tequila. More fun. More friends. More Tequila. Cabs called. Pit-stop made at my friendly neighborhood Tarjay. Pit-stop within a Pit-stop to peruse their selection of workout ware (since I’m TRYING to keep shrinking my sexy BBW-ness down to even more svelte, sexy curviness) 😉

And then…

That’s when I spotted him…

(to be continued) 😉


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  1. Now, this NEVER happens to me when I go shopping. The most I get is someone looking at my ass, which is something they should be doing. I guess I should go to Target more often, then 😉 I can’t wait to hear the rest of your story, sexy.

  2. You are totally hot, how does a horny guy get to communicate with you directly…? (I’m certain you aren;t short of offers, but you are so fucking sexy… I’d love to chat with you sometime (and more!!!))
    Mike xxx

    • mmm, i’d love to play with you! hit me up on skype or yahoo IM anytime! (soeffinwet4u on both) or you can email me at so.effin.wet@gmail 🙂

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