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You can find usually find me online and horny + and ready to mingle on Skype or Xtube – although, that’s been pretty hit-or-miss these days.

I’ve been working WAY too hard

…heh, i said “hard”


All work and no play make Sara a VERY dull girl.

So,  decided to introduce a brand new system that will allow me to:

1) play more often, with more OF you, and

2) afford myself the luxury of affording some MUCH needed new equipment.

You can now purchase a SCHEDULED 30 minute Skype session with me for only $50 USD.

The process is super-simple!

1. Send your $50 payment via a secure Paypal payment
2. I will email you promptly with my availability for the next 24 hours
3. We will schedule our time together and (naughty) talk a little about what you’d like to do with me during our time
4. When that time cums, I will call you on Skype (or we can discuss other options at the time of your order)
5. From this point forward, I leave it to your imagination…


CUM on 🙂 let’s PLAY 😀


Also available:

  • 1 hour Skype session:  $75 USD
  • 2 hour Skype session: $180 USD
  • Group calls and in-person one-on-one sex coaching by request


My awesome new book, MASTURBATION REVOLUTION is cumming soon!

(It’s soooo close) 😉

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