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Howdy boys (and girls!) I’m guessing most of you probably know me, Sara, from my Xtube channel – or from Tumblr! (hi!!) 😀

Hmmm, OR some of you might even know me from playing together online (OR from meeting in-person) using Craigslist, if you’re from Texas! 😉 (rawr)… lol

Anyway, I decided to create a personal, 420 + porn blog as a way to have a different type of interaction with those of you who were interested in something more… intimate 😉

I’ll be posting plenty of new stoned sex stories, pictures and videos of myself that you WON’T see on Xtube! As well as stories, thoughts, fantasies (and realities! lol) – AND I’ll share things that really turn me on and make me wet (duh)… Mmmmm, so, sooooo FUCKING wet..

Damn, I can feel my panties getting soaked already! lol

I really think it’s going to be fun!! If you like what you see, please spread the word for me! PLEASE?? 😀

If I’m REALLY lucky, I hope that I’ll eventually have enough traffic for these affiliate ads (ONLY of products and services that I use and/or personally recommend, FYI!) to maybe be a way to offset the cost of all the new toys I’ve been buying lately!! lol 😛

Okay! Well, y’all know I love naughty tumblrs, emails, tributes, AND video chatting Skype or YIM, of course 😛 to help keep me inspired to keep sharing all the naughty things I enjoy doing to myself – AND all of the naughty ways I like cumming for you… so, PLEASE send any and all naughtiness inspiration my way! 😉

And as always send me your questions–or any dirty thoughts that you might have for a sexxxy lady such as myself – here in my ASK or email me at gmail (so.effin.wet)

Y’all be sure to hit me up ANYTIME on Yahoo IM or Skype (soeffinwet4u)  or at ORRRR I’m soeffinwet @ Xtube 😀

OH! And I just made a profile at xProfile, too – please check it out!! 😀  I’m soeffinwet there, too! 😉

MWAH!!! xxxO,

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