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fuck. i love a good tease ;)

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i am SO serious when i say that the TEASE is *just* as important to me as the please! 😉 lol

if you can make me squirm and arch my back.. open my legs.. lift my hips… begging you to touch me. to feel how wet my pussy is from all of the teasing. how i’m aching to have your finger. tongue. cock. inside me… dripping wet.

THAT kind of wet just can’t happen without the tease…

and i know how hard you get when your cock is getting rubbed over your pants.. slowly. and lightly at first.. almost, seemingly, accidental…

but then you realize it’s not an accident at all.

that I’m stroking you through your pants. feeling you grow harder with every grasp of my hand around the hardness pushing again your zipper. begging to be released…

i want to pull your cock out of your pants. i want you to feel how wet I am for you…

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  1. Well…, now I’m excited and out of breath 😀

    • mmmmmmm 😉 well, ME TOO after watching your HOT video, Biff! Oh my fuck. Srsly… oh, but don’t worry. You’re going to see *exactly* how wet your video made my pussy… 😉

      • I cannot wait to see and enjoy your wetness 😀

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